/ Bios & Portfolio

David Kummer Nationality German

  Date of Birth June 9th 1989 Address Julius Bloms Gade 31 2200 Copenhagen,


  Phone 0045-527-93652 Mail davidkummer@gmx.de


  2011- 2015 Danish National School of Performing Arts

  2013 Erasmus Exchange in Barcelona (Institut del Teatre)

  2010- 2011 Dance Intensive in Tanzfabrik Berlin

  2008- 2010 Urban Planning at Bauhaus University Weimar Projects


  Music from Movement - Performance with We Go (DK)

  Chill out, we have already been reborn - Graduation Work performed in SSKS 

  and Young Choreographer Festival HAUT and Palladium Malmö (DK/SW)

  New Moon Rising - Graduation Work by Roberto Olivan (DK)

  The Drawer - Performance by Badco (HR)


  Gym Tour with Pieces of David Zambrano, Badco. and Yuval Pick (DK)

  JA! - Creation with Mentorship Luis Lara Malvacias (DK)

  !Third Year Performance: No Play Hero - by Yuval Pick and Machinic Wildlife by

  Badco. (DK)

  Do you feel the attraction? - Tanzfabrik Showcase!Pulse - Performance by Jolika

  Sunderman on Tanznacht (DE)

  Walls and Holes - Research Project and Installation (DE/DK)


  Emdicisocde - Creation in Barcelona! (ES)

  You and Me - Film/Image/Choreopgraphic Translation with Sara Gebran (DK)

  Second Year Performance - State of Heads by Donna Uchizono and structured

  improvisation by Bo Madvig (DK)

  !Pulsar Festival - Collaboration with Students from the Royal Danish Music

  Conservatorium with Mentorship Clinton Stringer (DK)


  Pussy Riots - Duet Performance by Luis Lara Malvacias!

  Slowness and Speed - Solo Performance! (DK)

  Walden - Performer in Graduation Piece directed by Therese Willstedt (DK)

  Gamel Holtegaard - Site Specific Performance by Luis Lara Malvacias (DK)

  Dance Intensive - Group Works choreographed by Gisela Müller and Maik 

  Riebort (DE)


  Performance Projects in Tanzfabrik Berlin - Geraldo Si, Maya Lipsker and Davide

  Sportelli (DE).

  LINKS to projects:

  1. "Chill out, we have already been reborn“


  2.  „The Drawer“ (2015), Zagreb, Performance with Badco

       https://vimeo.com/119249188 (password: how_to_be_an_object)

Katinka Marac 

SHORT  RESUME                                                         

Katinka Marac is a lighting designer and light installation artist. She studied 

scenography at the Utrecht School for the Arts and has worked since 1997

as a scenographer and lighting designer. Katinka has a preference for multi-

disciplinary collaborations that combine dance, music, and visual art and in

which lighting design develops and exists parallel to the choreography.

Where choreography is that what emerges between movement and light.

She has collaborated with Sara Wookey, Lidy Six, Martin Nachbar, Sanja

Mitrovic, Roser Lopez Espinosa, Sasa Asentic, Andrea Bozic, Ibrahim

Quraishi, Emily Roysdon, Sonja Jokiniemi, Alma Soderberg, and composer

Ivo Bol. Katinka teaches courses lighting design at the interfaculty

ArtScience at the Royal Academy for the Arts / Conservatory in the

Hague and at the choreography department (SNDO) at the Amsterdam

School for the Arts.  Archival website: www.katinkamarac.com


  Marlene Bonnesen


  Marlene Bonnesen is a recent graduate of the Dance Education at the

  Danish National School of Performing Arts. She performed with Angels

  Margarit’s Mudances company in Barcelona, touring nationally in the

  acclaimed piece Origami, and is a founding member of the collective

  performance space DANSEatelier in Copenhagen


  She has been collaborating and performing with fellow graduate David  

  Kummer and recent performances have included at the Monotak Dance and

  Music Night at OT301 in Amsterdam, and at DANSEatelier. While still a

  student, she performed in the work of Donna Uchizono, Luis Lara Malvacias,

  the Slovenian company Bad Co., and Roberto Olivan, among others, and

  presented a quartet performance at Movement Research at Judson Church  

  in New York, in 2013.

  Projects while at the Danish National School of Performing Arts

. Gl. Holtegaard Museum Project SHOW TIME, 1. Year by Luis Malvacias

. Self-made by 1. Year dancers and choreographer and teacher Jimena Paz

. State of Heads 2. Year performance by Donna Uchizono

. Moving Shadows 2. Year instant composition performance by Bo Madvig

. YOU/ME – A collective performance 2. Year choreographic project guided by Sara Gebran

. Pulsar Festival – A dance/music collaboration with the Royal Danish Music Academy, 2. Year. Duet-work with pianist Markus Kvint and dancer Sandra Liaklev Andersen.

. Wall and Space project with The Royal Danish Art Academy, the department of architecture. 2. Year. An exploration with the physical body in a constructed space.

. NO PLAY HERO 3. Year Presentation Performance by Yuval Pick (Lazare Huet and Antoine Roux-Briffaud)

. Machinic Wildlife 3. Year Presentation Performance by BADco.

. Lack of jobs, lack of skills, or lack of coordination? 3. Year Solo/Duet project interpreting “My Body is a Barrel of Gunpowder” by two-woman-machine-show. In collaboration with Nanna Stigsdatter and Olivia Riviere.

. Repetoire work with Ursula Robb, 4. Year.

. Isadora Software Project, 4. Year with Mark Coniglio and Tina Tarpgaard.

  Upcoming Projects

. The final 4. Year Presentation Performance by Roberto Olivan

. Own choreographic project, spring 2015.

. Pictures at an Exhibition – A duet-collaboration with the classical pianist Markus Kvint. A concept concerning the music by Modest Mussorgsky inspired by the ten famous pictures of Victor Hartmann, which is remediated and interpreted into movements.

  Own Projects

. When Who For Lucy – the Shuffle Performance a performance concept created and performed by Sebastian Kahr Rasmussen, Karis Zidore, Nanna Stigsdatter and Marlene Bonnesen. Presented on various stages in Copenhagen and in Judson Church, April 29th 2013, New York City.

. EM DIC I SO’C DE a duet-work with David Kummer based on a common choreographic interest and investigation in Barcelona, 2013. Performed at Institut del Teatre, Barcelona.

. FAC(E)(A)DES 3. Year SPA-project with David Kummer. Based on the idea/concept of walls, both as a concrete object but also as a philosophic phenomenon in our culture. Researches in Berlin, primarily focusing on the Berlin Wall and the art connected to that. Presented at SSKS, Spring 2014.

       LINKS to projects:

     1. "Chill out, we have already been reborn“


     2. The Drawer“ (2015), Zagreb, Performance with Badco

       https://vimeo.com/119249188 (password: how_to_be_an_object)