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My work is the result of the understanding that through the combination of rigorous investigation and a sensitive attitude that is open to all possibilities, we could find 
different approaches to the creative process. The outcome of these approaches should highlight the relationship between art, society and culture. 

I have been intensely interested in exploring the interaction between dance, acting, design, installation, sound and the visual arts. In deepening this relationship I have 
created and performed interdisciplinary works whose inspiration lies in this investigation. Ideas for the sets and installation help to develop the dance, as much as the 
other way around. The viewers are welcomed into elaborated environments that are at once dynamic and evocative, symbolic and metaphoric. The final structure of the 
piece, its character and the movement vocabulary are affected by the active role that each of these elements plays in the process.

As a choreographer and multidisciplinary artist, I am fascinated to see how the bringing  together of different disciplines can come to realize a final product whose 
outcome is different for each individual. I create work where there is not a particular focal point but which offers an intellectually and artistically reflective experience and 
emphasizes the organic relationship between art and the events of everyday life. I am committed to the belief that the creation of an artwork should be an exchange of 
human experience, which includes the creator and the viewer. In empowering the audience I offer them not necessarily obvious references but environments that allow 
them to take responsibility as co-creators of the work.

I created 3RD CLASS CITIZEN in 2003. Initially with a focus in dance, visual arts and New Media this collective project was comprised of artists from a wide range of the 
growing Latino populations living and working in New York. The collective nature of the project also encouraged the interaction of artists, musicians, designers and 
choreographers from different cultural backgrounds that added a different contribution to the mix. This project is constantly evolving and changing; and this is a reflection of the nature of my work, my interests and my belief – to cite Camus – that, "Style often only is a super- elevation of deficiencies." 

My recent studies in New Media, my long commitment to interdisciplinary work and my constant traveling has led me to look into the creation of work where language 
and sounds, visual and theatrical elements have the potential to be structural and meaning bearing vehicles.

“In other words, the author offers the interpreter, the performer, the addressee, a work to be completed. He does not know the exact fashion in which his work will be concluded, but he is aware that once completed the work in question will still be his own. It will be a not different work, and, at the end of the interpretative dialogue, a form which is his form will have been organized, even though it may have been assembled by an outside party in a particular way that he could not have foreseen. The author is the one who proposed a number of possibilities which had already been rationally organized, oriented and endowed with specifications for proper development.”  Umberto Eco.